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Manhattan Bank

Bill Pay Guide

Bill Payment Get Started Guide

*Requires Netteller: Online Banking
See a Customer Service Representative to enroll.

Getting Started:
All items are under the Bill Pay tab

Step 1:   Login
  • Click on Bill Pay tab from menu bar
Step 2: Setup a Payee
  • Click the + Payee button to the right
  • Choose Company, Person or Bank
  • Enter Payee Name, Account Number, Phone and Zip
  • Click NEXT to search for matches
  • Match to existing or setup new

Step 3: Make a Payment

  • Under Payments, find the Payee
  • Verify the Pay From Account
  • Enter the Amount
  • Choose a Payment Date
  • Click on the PAY button
  • Should see Success Payment Scheduled

Step 4: Setup Additional Accounts (optional)

  • Click on My Account
  • Under Pay from Accounts, Click on Add an Account
  • Enter information requested
  • Be sure the Account is a Manhattan Bank checking account
  • Click on NEXT
  • Click on SUBMIT to save

Helpful Bill Pay Tips:

Setup a Secondary Account Holder
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on View personal information
  • Enter Name of Secondary Account holder
  • Click on SUBMIT to save

Shows pending payments scheduled in next 45 days.

Shows payments processed in last 45 days.
Recurring Payments
  • Under Payments
  • Find Payee
  • Click on Make it Recurring
  • Enter criteria and schedule
  • Click on SUBMIT to save

Delete a Payee
  • Under Payments
  • Click on the Payee name
  • Click on edit payee
  • Check box I would like to delete this payee*
  • Click on SUBMIT to save
*all history and scheduled transactions will be deleted

Gift Payments
You may send donations to charities of your choice OR send a special occasion gift check.
There are additional fees for these services.
  • Click on Gift Pay
  • Click on + Recipient, to create
  • Choose Gift Check or Donation
  • Enter Payee information
  • Review and Click on SUBMIT
  • Click on Return to Gift Pay
  • Click on Send gift
  • Fill in required information and choose occasion.
  • Click SUBMIT to save
A check will be mailed to the Recipient. The fee will be taken out of your account the day of the payment. The gift amount will be deducted from your account when the check clears the bank.

Rush Payments
If you click Rush Payments you will have 3 choices for delivery and the fee associated with it. The fee will be taken out of your account the day of the payment.

Person 2 Person Payments

  • E-mail (Electronic)
    Recipient provides routing and account number; paid within 1-2 business days. E-mail address required.
  • Direct Deposit (Electronic)
    Requires routing and account number; paid within 1-2 business days.
  • Check
    Mailed and paid within 5-7 business days.
Step 1: Setup Payee
  •  Click on Pay a Person
  • Choose Payment Option
  •  Enter required information
  •  If E-mail option—will require a Keyword; Share this keyword right away with the payee for security verification.
  •  One Time activation code may be required. Follow prompts to get code.
  •  Enter code, as requested
  •  Follow prompts and SUBMIT

Step 2: Payee Verification (Email Payment)
  •  If E-mail type selected Payee will receive and email requesting their account information.
  •  Be sure the Payee knows the keyword created so they can finalize the setup.
  •  No payments can be created until the Payee has finalized the account information.
This is not required for the Direct Deposit or Check Payee types.

Step 3: Make a Payment
  •  Under Payments
  •  Find Payee
  •  Enter Payment information
  •  Click on Pay
  •  Click SUBMIT to save

Important Notes:

  •  Electronic Payments are processed in 1-3 days from Payment Date. Funds are taken from your account on the Payment Date.
  •  Check Payments are processed in 5-10 days from Payment Date. Funds are taken from your account when the check clears the bank.
  •  Once an Electronic payment has processed you cannot stop the payment.
  •  You may place a Stop on a check payment. Fees apply.

Other Questions:

Check out our website and the Online Banking Q&A section.
Also check out our Online Banking & Bill Payment section

We are always happy to help!

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Additional Support is available
*This is from a vendor with whom Manhattan Bank is partnering. The following support contact information is for their expertise in Bill Payment. 

Chat Now feature allows you to talk to a Bill Pay expert in a chat window while online.

Call Support at 833-283-3415
5:30 AM – Midnight Mountain Time