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Manhattan Bank

Telephone Banking

Use your touch-tone telephone for Manhattan Bank's 24 hour Telephone Banking Service. To setup your access and PIN resets, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at a branch near you or contact our Bookkeeping department
at 406-284-6308.

Dial in anytime to: 406-284-6386 Or toll free 1-888-615-BANK (2265)

This service provides you the following features:

  • Touch tone or voice recognition (press 8* for voice during call)
  • Account balance information for checking, savings, CDs and loan accounts
  • Hear the current balance (updated at processing each night)
  • Hear any new transactions pending for today's processing (not calculated in the current balance)
  • Verify if a check has cleared your account
  • Verify if a deposit has been credited into your account
  • Verify ATM/Debit card transactions
  • Transfer funds between your checking, savings and loan accounts
  • Make a loan payment/transfer to a loan
  • Obtain interest information on CDs
  • Activate a new Debit Card
  • Close a lost/stolen Debit card
  • Reorder a new Debit Card (Fees may apply)

Telephone Banking Menus

  1. Call 406-284-6386 or 1-800-615-2265
  2. Enter a 1 for English or 2 for Spanish on a touch-tone phone
  3. You will need your Account number; enter when prompted
  4. You will need your SSN or TIN; enter when prompted
  5. You will need your Personal Identification Number (PIN); enter when prompted
  6. Enter your information as prompted 
  7. Enter * (star) key to return to the menu
Please note when making a transfer, be sure to not disconnect until you are given the confirmation number to ensure the transfer is completed.

Main Menu
Press or Say 1: Balances
Press or Say 2: History  
1-Last 5 transactions
2-Last 5 credits
3-Last 5 withdrawals/debits
4-Last 5 ATM/Card transactions
5-Search by check number
6-Search by amount

1-Last 3 transactions
2-Last 3 payments
3-Last 3 advances
Press or Say 3: Funds Transfer or Make a Payment
1-Transfer funds immediately
2-Schedule a funds transfer
3-Cross account transfer immediately*
4-Cross account transfer scheduled*
5-Payments Menu
   1-Immediate payment
   2-Schedule a payment
6-Hear existing scheduled transfers**
*Call customer service representative to setup
**Plays any scheduled bank transfer on account (AFT)
Press or Say 4: Card Services
1-Activate a card
2-Deactiavate/report a lost or stolen card
   Call Customer Service for a new card when deactivating.
3-Re-Order a card
Press or Say 5: Future Dated Transactions
1-Hear Electronic transactions
2-List scheduled funds transfers
Press or Say 6: Change your PIN
6 digit PIN required
Call Customer Service for PIN reset issues
Press or Say 7: Bank Information
1-Manhattan location  
2-Churchill location  
3-Three Forks location  
4-Bozeman location  

Press 8* for voice recognition/touch tone toggle
Press * to return to the previous menu  
Press 3* for main menu  
Press # to repeat an option  
Press 5* to skip an option  
Press 9* to enter a different account number  
Press 0 to transfer to a bank representative  

Important Information:

  • A touch-tone phone must be used
  • Dollar amounts are to be entered with * as decimal so $1,000.00 will be entered as 1000*00.
  • To repeat a menu, press *
  • For a main menu, press 3*
Follow the prompts to walk you through the next steps/options. This is a menu-driven system: once you are familiar with the options, you may skip ahead and enter your menu number.
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Your Account is Always With You

Whether at home or on the go, your account is always with you.